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A Majorcan Experience, but what of the Holidaymakers?

For some time, this Organisation has received calls from young holidaymakers, affected by crime in a number of resorts around the Mediterranean and beyond. The scale of these complaints reveal that young British Holidaymakers are unwittingly exposed to a holiday product that strips them of not only money but dignity, respect and personal safety. Whilst young people are the focus of our reports,... 26 January 2015

Come all ye innocents to the 'pleasures' of Magalluf! II

Following on from our article expressing concern for the safety of UK holidaymakers in Magalluf and also a genuine concern of the effect of crime on tourism, it appears that our commentary was not misplaced! We can see that some have seen the post on our Facebook page and have advised that the locals in Magalluf are intending to carry out a protest march on Sunday 15th June 2014 in Magalluf in... 5 June 2014