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The Tunisia Inquest - An Innocence Lost; A Radical Solution!

Today marks the beginning of the end of a very long and painful journey for the Families of the 38 UK & other Nationalities, who were killed following the awful events on Sousse beach on 26 June 2015. On that day, an innocence was lost on the sands of Sousse in Tunisia. In our view, that innocence attaches itself to Travel Companies, Government and Consumers. Following this terrible atta... 28 February 2017

Consumer Group urges UK PM to be cautious on Egypt

The recent press announcement by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), calling on the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, to create the conditions for the resumption of flights from the UK to Sharm el Sheikh, has once again raised security concerns for holidaymakers. They argue that the UK Department for Transport security conditions... 2 December 2016

Risk Destinations: Some Predictions!

Just before this last week-end, we were speaking in the press about 'risk destinations' and the failure of brochures and UK Foriegn Office Advisories to spell out exactly what kind of problems exist in some destinations. We have been speaking about these issues since 2007; the premise is simple - some destinations attract a higher risk, such as terrorism, civil disorder or extreme weather even... 24 August 2015

Call for Travel Industry to help holidaymakers mitigate decisions on 'risk destinations'!

The Bangkok bomb once again underlines the perilous line between normal life and threats to individuals. Through this incident we see also the nebulous line between FCO Travel Advices and what is sold in a brochure and a general failure by the travel industry to offer a clear picture, using their extensive skills, to provide full information about a given destination. For example, HolidayTrave... 19 August 2015

Innocence lost in Tunisia; Demands for New Age in Travel

The sheer senseless waste of life in Port El Kanatoui in Tunisia is an affront to all decent peoples, no matter where they come from. The tales of heroism, courage and compassion, that have emanated from this terrible event, demonstrate the best response to the delusional criminals who perpetrate these vile deeds. We can only offer our deepest sympathies and support to the victims and survivors... 28 June 2015

Shock & Horror in Tunisia; Advice for worried Holidaymakers

Today my heart goes out to the Victims, their Families and Friends and the Tunisian people; all of us here at HolidayTravelWatch offer our deepest sympathies and support. I have however been holding my breath for sometime. I have been watching the nightly news of the terrors taking place along the Mediterranean coast of North Africa and witnessing the unfolding of a Humanitarian Nightmare. In... 26 June 2015

Come all ye innocents to the 'pleasures' of Magalluf! II

Following on from our article expressing concern for the safety of UK holidaymakers in Magalluf and also a genuine concern of the effect of crime on tourism, it appears that our commentary was not misplaced! We can see that some have seen the post on our Facebook page and have advised that the locals in Magalluf are intending to carry out a protest march on Sunday 15th June 2014 in Magalluf in... 5 June 2014

HolidayTravelWatch calls for the immediate repatriation of UK Holidaymakers from Egypt

HolidayTravelWatch has this week noted with sadness, the deaths and injuries sustained following the attack on holidaymakers and holiday staff near Taba in Egypt.  The Organisation sincerely expresses its very deep sympathies to those families affected and to the injured. Since 2011, we have been consistently expressing our concerns as to the wisdom of offering and providing holidays to Egypt... 19 February 2014

Over 70% would not recommend a holiday to Egypt - Time for the FCO to act?

Those holidaymakers who are following us, will have recognised our deep concerns for the safety of current holidaymakers in Egypt and those who have yet to travel.  It is clear that the situation in Egypt is now fracturing as is demonstrated by this article from the highly respected Lyse Doucet from the BBC. This Organisation notes the Travel Trade magazine, TravelMole, has run a straw poll of... 9 July 2013