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Requiescat in Pace Eques Auratus - Acknowledgement of the Important Role of Policing in Tourism

As tourists, we attach ourselves to symbols; that attachment connects us to a time or a place and quite possibly sorrow or an idea. For many holidaymakers, these connections represent not just our own desire to stretch out and see the world, but to take just a small piece; a memory, a photo of that place, that time or indeed of an individual. And so it is that the area around Westminster Bridg... 23 March 2017

HolidayTravelWatch expresses disappointment at UK Government’s failure on Carbon Monoxide in Holiday Properties

Today marks the day when new regulations enter into force, to require Landlords of rented properties to install and maintain Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarms. Whilst any measure to prevent death and injury is always welcome, the regulations expose a deficit in political thinking and action to protect many more ordinary citizens! The new regulations only apply to those rented properties that... 1 October 2015

Lobbying for Travel Rights and HolidayTravelWatch

I was recently in the United States, working with pilots, cabin crew, representatives from Airbus & Boeing and American Airlines, arguing for a standard to deal with cabin air quality.  This work, done under the auspices of ASHRAE, is vital if we are going to tackle the scourge of fumes escaping into the aircraft cabin environment. As I was talking to one of the pilots representatives, he w... 3 June 2013

Travel Consumer Group calls for Westminster Lobby Register!

HolidayTravelWatch has today written an extensive article commenting on the latest reports to engulf Westminster; alleged payments for lobbying! The organisation has been engaged in lobbying activities since its creation and has become more fully engaged since 2005. HolidayTravelWatch actively campaigns on a number of major issues, such as: The Package Travel Directive; Aircraft Cabin Air... 3 June 2013