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Brexit: what will it mean for travel?

We have just published our latest video which looks at the changing landscape following the 'Brexit' vote. In this video, I provide a short guide on what UK holidaymakers will have to think about as we move towards the exit. Key areas such as currency fluctuations, visas, not having an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and how we will have to be careful on Travel Insurance along with the ho... 19 January 2017

Our top-tips for a safer Winter Sports Holiday!

It is expected that up to 6.5m Brits will be heading off this season on a winter sports holiday. The range of sports are as wide and as varied from beginner level up to the highly skilled and adventurous. For many Britsm such a holiday will be unlike the beach and touring holidays they may have experienced in the past. Mixed in with the delights of peaks and mountain scenery is the promise of... 7 December 2016

Top tips for your winter holiday - #skisafe!

Today Frank is talking about how to keep safe on those slopes this winter. Our survey reveals that 6.5m Brits will be heading off to the winter slopes this season but a staggering 73% told us that they knew very little about safety on the slopes! Some 72% were either not advised about the risk of injury or did not appear to be aware of that possibility! We also found that 42% were not aware t... 7 December 2016

My 5 Top Tips for booking that Getaway!

The last 2 years has provided plenty of angst for holidaymakers worried about spiralling costs, the problem with term time obligations or security. Our latest video provides you with my 5 top tips on how to make your holiday booking, the key messages are: Think, Research and Double-Check! Read the Terms and Conditions Carefully; Think before you Click; Protect yourself now with Travel... 6 October 2016

Fear not; an action plan post Brussels?

This past week, I have been hopefully offering reassurance across the airwaves, to Consumers worried about flying. I have tried to provide facts about how your security in EU airports is regulated, by reference to 2 principal European Regulations and further laws within the UK. The sheer horror of Brussels cannot be summarised in words except to say that such actions, from Lahore to the sands o... 5 April 2016

Parents: Our top 12 Tips for your backpacking off-spring

It is that time of the year, when your 18 year old+ off-spring are either heading off to university or for that year-long hike to foreign climes! There is no question, that apart from the emotional tug that you will feel from watching the chickens flee the nest, you will have no-doubt also contributed to their well-being through the endless pocket that is the 'Bank of Mum & Dad'! But as th... 28 August 2015

Consumers should recognise value of Travel Insurance from point of booking holiday

In the HolidayTravelWatch inaugural Holiday Standards Report we discovered that just over 32% of holidaymakers did not take out Travel Insurance for every trip or holiday. We also discovered that even if people either did not take out Travel Insurance, or simply forgot, 55% did not carry with them their EHIC Card (European Health Insurance Card) when travelling in the EU area. These surprising... 25 August 2015

Risk or No-Risk Destination? The problem for intending UK holidaymakers!

I try; I really try not to be too negative or to be overly critical, but sometimes you just have to speak out! This is one of those times! The situation in North Africa is dire and Greece presents uncertainty, so now is not the time for feint-hearts; those that need to be challenged should be prepared to meet that challenge openly and constructively! However, when I do raise issues, I am ofte... 14 July 2015

Checklist for Greece: An update for Holidaymakers!

Following on from our Checklist for Greece article yesterday, this fast moving situation will require updating as matters develop. It will also require updating as and when we hear from holidaymakers about what the situation in Greece is like. This latter point is important because I have recently been discussing this issue on the radio along with travel industry spokespersons. Those interviews... 7 July 2015

A Greek Crisis; A Holidaymaker's Dilemma - The Checklist!

This last 2/3 weeks I have been following the various commentators providing their take on the Greek Financial Crisis. Travel correspondents have been no less vocal on this matter than their economic colleagues; all are presenting visions of plane-loads of UK holidaymakers arriving at their destinations with their pockets stuffed with cash! I went through a UK airport the other day and of the... 6 July 2015