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Speech at the House of Lords; Carbon Monoxide and the State of Consumer Campaigning!

CO-Gas Safety (COGS) has celebrated its 20th Year of Campaigning and held its last Schools Poster Competition at the House of Lords on Tuesday 27 January 2015. We were honoured to be asked to deliver a speech at this event and did so about the state of Consumer Campaigning. Whilst we delivered our speech from a Carbon Monoxide perspective, we brought together the sum of our experiences from ar... 27 January 2015

So Trade Unions, what are you going to do about Aircraft Cabin Air Quality?

As you will know, we have for several years been campaigning against the scandal of toxins escaping into aircraft cabins. Our quest for a greater openness and honesty, has taken the views of HolidayTravelWatch and the experiences of holidaymakers around the world, to try and bring about the conditions whereby common sense and safety will prevail! I have met and continue to meet some remarkable... 30 October 2013

Day 352 - Consumer Group calls on the Cabinet Office to demonstrate leadership on CO+

The furore over the latest announcement on the latest fuel price rises in gas, coincides with the ticking clock started by HolidayTravelWatch in October 2012, in measuring how long it would take for the Cabinet Office to respond to its call to action, on Public Information Films on Carbon Monoxide. It is now Day 352 since this organisation wrote to the Cabinet Office and whilst HolidayTravelWa... 18 October 2013