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My 5 Top Tips for booking that Getaway!

The last 2 years has provided plenty of angst for holidaymakers worried about spiralling costs, the problem with term time obligations or security. Our latest video provides you with my 5 top tips on how to make your holiday booking, the key messages are: Think, Research and Double-Check! Read the Terms and Conditions Carefully; Think before you Click; Protect yourself now with Travel... 6 October 2016

Your Holiday Brochure - How to choose your holiday!

It is often the case that Consumers fail to recognise the importance of the holiday brochure, particularly when complaints arise. In simple terms, the brochure is the promise of good times, but it is also the promise that you will get the product you choose and pay for and it forms part of your contract. 30 November 2012

The Holiday Contract and Brochure - How to Choose a Holiday

Holiday Brochures now come in a variety of forms. This is due to the changing methods of how holidays or travel is sold. If you use a traditional brochure or an internet site to make your booking, make sure that you examine its contents carefully. 17 May 2009