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Time to sort out the All-Inclusive Holiday?

This past few weeks has demonstrated that despite guiding Consumers for 20 years, the Travel Industry just does not seem to be consistent in delivering a good quality, safe and enjoyable all-inclusive holiday. The complaints received each and every day reveal a catalogue of poor standards which I would wager a small bet that no Holiday Company Executive would introduce his or her family to suc... 9 September 2015

Holiday Standards Report

An end to avoidable holiday problems? The HolidayTravelWatch 'Holiday Standards' Report   20 years ago, this organisation was created from our Founder's bad holiday experience. Through the following years, she sought to highlight and argue for a change to the holiday product and bring about an end to avoidable experiences. Through these 2 decades, HolidayTravelWatch has assisted many thousan... 29 July 2015

Consumer Group welcomes open discussion on Cabin Air Quality

HolidayTravelWatch has since 2007 been at the forefront of making sure the Consumer voice is heard about concerns expressed on Cabin Air Quality. The Organisation has addressed a number of issues across a broad spectrum, bringing Consumer views to the heart of the political debate. For several years, the Organisation has been engaged in helping to draft and build a suitable standard on Cabin... 7 July 2015

Travel Industry comments greeted with interest; Consumer Groups call for pan-European Law on Hotel Safety

A report from ITV News revealed that the Travel Industry are apparently calling for Universal Standards on Health & Safety in Holiday Accommodation. Whilst we would welcome any initiative to provide comprehensive Consumer Protection, an examination of their comments reveal some unanswered questions. It appears that the Industry is calling for a uniform standard in holiday accommodation, t... 26 May 2015

HolidayTravelWatch welcomes CEN's decison on Aircraft Cabin Air Standards!

HolidayTravelWatch applauds the recent decision of CEN (the European Committee for Standardisation) to 'repeal' two Standards on Aircraft Cabin Air Quality (prEN4618 & prEN4666). This decision came after a collective presentation of concerns raised by this Organisation, along with major Pilot and Cabin Crew Organisations and International Trade Unions. HolidayTravelWatch is proud to have b... 4 December 2013