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The Tunisia Inquest - An Innocence Lost; A Radical Solution!

Today marks the beginning of the end of a very long and painful journey for the Families of the 38 UK & other Nationalities, who were killed following the awful events on Sousse beach on 26 June 2015. On that day, an innocence was lost on the sands of Sousse in Tunisia. In our view, that innocence attaches itself to Travel Companies, Government and Consumers. Following this terrible atta... 28 February 2017

Reaction to BBC Panorama's Investigation into Sousse Attacks

BBC Panorama's investigation into the 2015 Sousse beach attack has revealed the raw emotion that has remained hidden since that fateful day. The attacks have proved to be a watershed in Travel Advisories and how holiday destinations are sold; for British holidaymakers and their families it was not just about unbearable grief but an innocence that was lost in the sands of Sousse. Scenes from th... 9 January 2017

Innocence lost in Tunisia; Demands for New Age in Travel

The sheer senseless waste of life in Port El Kanatoui in Tunisia is an affront to all decent peoples, no matter where they come from. The tales of heroism, courage and compassion, that have emanated from this terrible event, demonstrate the best response to the delusional criminals who perpetrate these vile deeds. We can only offer our deepest sympathies and support to the victims and survivors... 28 June 2015

Hotel Scheherazade, Sousse

May 2014 Complaints from holidaymakers reveal concerns about food quality and its management, animals on the complex and illnesses. Like these holidaymakers, if you have been affected by any of these issues, then just call us on 03450179229 for free advice and assistance. Current Status Holidaymakers are currently seeking to resolve their complaints; as we hear how they have fared we will re... 6 March 2015

Hotel Tej Marhaba, Sousse

August/September 2014 Complaints from holidaymakers tell of concerns with food hygiene, crockery not clean and holiday illness and witness to others being ill. These holidaymakers are now receiving help from the team at HolidayTravelWatch; if you have suffered with similar problems, then call our helpline for further assistance - 03450179229. Current Status Holidaymakers are currently seekin... 15 February 2015

Soviva Resort, Sousse, Tunisia, Holiday Complaints, August 2013

Principal Information: If you have travelled to or stayed at the above hotel/resort during August 2013, be advised that we have received holiday complaints from other holidaymakers. Those holidaymakers are now receiving Free Advice & Assistance from HolidayTravelWatch. If you have a holiday complaint to make, and would like to receive assistance to deal with your travel problems, please c... 16 January 2014