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HolidayTravelWatch warns Consumers on so-called 'After-Travel Care' Claims Companies

HolidayTravelWatch continues to hear from Consumers who have been cold-called by so-called Claims Management Companies. The premise of the call raises issues about that Consumer's 'recent' holiday. They appear to identify themselves as an 'After-Travel Care' team and apparently advise that they 'work with' Travel Companies and in one case, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). They inform Consu... 16 November 2016

Travel Industry comments greeted with interest; Consumer Groups call for pan-European Law on Hotel Safety

A report from ITV News revealed that the Travel Industry are apparently calling for Universal Standards on Health & Safety in Holiday Accommodation. Whilst we would welcome any initiative to provide comprehensive Consumer Protection, an examination of their comments reveal some unanswered questions. It appears that the Industry is calling for a uniform standard in holiday accommodation, t... 26 May 2015