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Malaysian Airlines Flight Number MH370: Some important questions!

I am but one of many millions of citizens around the world, whose heart has reached out the 239 families of the crew and passengers of the ill-fated Malaysian Airways flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpar to Beijing. We have lurched from the terrorist pilot and gold bullion theories, to shadow flights and alien abductions, all with the apparent goal of explaining a complex situation. This flight is no... 25 March 2014

UK Passports - UK Biometric Passports

Passports & Visa enquiry problems account for regular calls to HolidayTravelWatch. This brief guide provides basic information on how to deal with this difficult area 16 May 2009

Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA)

I noted that the new system for gaining entry to the United States has been launched (12 January 2009). If you arrange travel to the United States, you must complete this application for each passenge 17 January 2009