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Zika Facts and Your Holiday - what you need to know!

As if Tourism and the lot of holidaymakers hadn’t suffered enough after 2015; this year has revealed the latest threat to Travel through the arrival of the Zika Crisis! Through this past week I have seen all sorts of sensationalist headlines, some declaring that you are not safe from the ‘head shrinking virus’. So, I thought it was time to set out a few facts to help you understand the issues a... 9 February 2016

Risk or No-Risk Destination? The problem for intending UK holidaymakers!

I try; I really try not to be too negative or to be overly critical, but sometimes you just have to speak out! This is one of those times! The situation in North Africa is dire and Greece presents uncertainty, so now is not the time for feint-hearts; those that need to be challenged should be prepared to meet that challenge openly and constructively! However, when I do raise issues, I am ofte... 14 July 2015

A Greek Crisis; A Holidaymaker's Dilemma - The Checklist!

This last 2/3 weeks I have been following the various commentators providing their take on the Greek Financial Crisis. Travel correspondents have been no less vocal on this matter than their economic colleagues; all are presenting visions of plane-loads of UK holidaymakers arriving at their destinations with their pockets stuffed with cash! I went through a UK airport the other day and of the... 6 July 2015

Shock & Horror in Tunisia; Advice for worried Holidaymakers

Today my heart goes out to the Victims, their Families and Friends and the Tunisian people; all of us here at HolidayTravelWatch offer our deepest sympathies and support. I have however been holding my breath for sometime. I have been watching the nightly news of the terrors taking place along the Mediterranean coast of North Africa and witnessing the unfolding of a Humanitarian Nightmare. In... 26 June 2015

Call for Tour Operator to respond positively to Consumer complaints on Adriatic Beach

For several weeks, HolidayTravelWatch has been contacted by British Holidaymakers who are concerned that the Hotel Adriatic Beach in Croatia is in the midst of major building works. Their complaints come on the cusp of holidays that have booked many months in advance and are unhappy that the holidays that they have chosen may not be delivered at the hotel of their choice. It is clear that holi... 14 June 2015

The Thomas Cook Affair - Carbon Monoxide Implications!

On Wednesday 13 May 2015, the Jury in the Wakefield Coroners Court, returned a verdict on their inquiry into the deaths of Christianne & Robert Shepherd from Carbon Monoxide poisoning in Corfu in 2006. They held that the children had been 'unlawfully killed', they made a number of observations about the standard of the holiday accommodation and held that Thomas Cook had breached their Du... 18 May 2015

Volcano Travel Crisis - What do I do Next? EC regulation 261/2004!

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE - FRIDAY 29 AUGUST 2014 *** We have noted a number of 'excitable' press articles about the latest Icelandic Volcao - Bardabunga. The latest news from Iceland is that the alert has been lowered from Red to Orange and therefore there is no immediate threat to aircraft or their schedules. Nonetheless, given the concern expressed by Consumers we feel that it is necessary to h... 29 August 2014

Ash Cloud 2 - The Volcano Strikes Back! What are your travel rights?

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE - FRIDAY 29 AUGUST 2014 *** There is considerable interest in the Bardabunga Volcano and the potential for it to affect airline schedules and air passenger rights. We have examined the issues of rights and would draw Consumers attention to our amended article which will set out those rights which can be read in conjunction with the article below. *** IMPORTANT UPDATE ENDS... 29 August 2014

HolidayTravelWatch calls for the immediate repatriation of UK Holidaymakers from Egypt

HolidayTravelWatch has this week noted with sadness, the deaths and injuries sustained following the attack on holidaymakers and holiday staff near Taba in Egypt.  The Organisation sincerely expresses its very deep sympathies to those families affected and to the injured. Since 2011, we have been consistently expressing our concerns as to the wisdom of offering and providing holidays to Egypt... 19 February 2014

HolidayTravelWatch gives cautious welcome to proposed Package Travel Directive

Since 2005, HolidayTravelWatch has been engaged in presenting the Consumer experience to the UK Government, The European Commission & the EU Parliament on the sale and operation of Package Holidays. The Organisation has submitted its latest observations to the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and their Consultation on the newly proposed Package Travel Directive (Note:only t... 4 December 2013