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HolidayTravelWatch asks; Is the resort of Los Gigantes free of Norovirus?

For a number of years, HolidayTravelWatch has dealt with many holidaymakers affected by illness, from the resort of Los Gigantes in Tenerife. The Organisation has recently been contacted by UK holidaymakers, having either been to the resort or just about to travel, expressing their concerns on general health and safety issues.  Their primary concern rests around their own observations or the co... 19 May 2013

Does this sound like Norovirus in Los Gigantes?

The Los Gigantes story rumbles on with many people talking about the sickness or norovirus that is apparently affecting the resort. More and more concerned holidaymakers are contacting us and receiving little in the way of reassurance from their tour operators.  We have heard from one holidaymaker staying at a hotel in Los Gigantes who tells us of her concerns: She advises that there are sic... 11 April 2013

Rumour has it that HM The Queen has been to Los Gigantes

It's important for our readers to know that we just don't talk to holidaymakers who have a complaint, but also those who have had a good holiday! This last few weeks has been dominated by calls to our helpline from concerned pre-travellers or those who have been rendered ill following their visit to the resort of Los Gigantes in Tenerife. So I thought it would be a good idea to set out an unbi... 10 April 2013

Ridiculous holiday complaints excuses being given to holidaymakers in Los Gigantes

HolidayTravelWatch hears not only from holidaymakers with complaints, but also from Consumers who have enjoyed their holiday despite problems apparently existing around them. The Organisation has heard from one such couple who have provided an unbiased view on what is happening in the resort of Los Gigantes in Tenerife. Concerns have been expressed in recent weeks by pre-travellers and those... 9 April 2013

A message to holidaymakers from Los Gigantes

In 2010, I was referred to by one major UK tour operator as being an 'alarmist', when I pointed out that where there had been repeated sickness in a hotel in Los Gigantes in Tenerife for several years.  I also pointed out that where tour companies have knowledge of such 'repeat' illnesses, they should advise holidaymakers before they travel! In addition, I also asked some pertinent questions no... 7 April 2013

How should Consumers be treated, particularly those going to Los Gigantes in Tenerife?

This past 2 weeks we have received call after call from holidaymakers who are either intending to go or who are already in the resort of Los Gigantes in Tenerife.  What you may ask is causing feathers to ruffle on this Canary Island? One word - 'Norovirus'!  When I say 'norovirus' what I mean to say is so-called 'norovirus'.  At the risk of repeating myself, I attach the 'so-called' label to no... 27 March 2013