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Holiday Village Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, Travel Complaints, June 2013

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE*** Reports in the British Press yesterday suggested that some UK holidaymakers had been deliberately defecating or logging within the hotel swimming pools. HolidayTravelWatch has for many years heard of similar allegations but past and our most recent research shows that there is no evidence to support the comments that such actions may be part of a 'new craze'. We would e... 14 August 2014

Code Brown - Code Brown! The Obscenity of Holiday Hotel Swimming Pool Management!

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE *** 14/8/2014 *** Updating this article we must refer readers to the latest claims being made around the Holiday Village resort in Sarigerme where it is claimed that pool closures may be related to some Brits deliberately defecating or 'Logging' within swimming pools. This is not a new claim and as we demonstrate in our articles below, there does not appear to be evidence... 14 August 2014

Concern for Holidaymakers Complaints on Sarigerme Hotel!

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE *** Yesterday's reports in the British press suggested that in some hotels a 'new craze' had taken place this year or 'Logging' or deliberately defecating in Hotel Swimming Pools. Within the same report it was suggested that the hotel mentioned in this press release had suffered weeks of pool closures due to faecal events. HolidayTravelWatch has been aware of these claims... 14 August 2014

'Code Brown' - 'Poo in the Pool' - 'Logging' - Coming to a Hotel near you?

Bravo, Bravo! Concern for Public Health & Safety is alive and kicking! Why am I in a congratulatory mood? It is as a result of the latest article from the Daily Mail entitled: '‘Code Brown’: Hotel threatens £1,400 fines to rowdy Brits caught pooing in swimming pools in disgusting new 'logging' craze that exposes guests to harmful bacteria'.But hang on, can this be really true, that 'rowdy... 13 August 2014