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Indisputable evidence on 'Risk Destinations'!

The recent atrocities in Tunisia and Thailand serve to make the point the the world has become regionally complex and offers a risk to many ordinary people, unaware of their potential exposure to that risk. Many of you following me will know that my view is quite clear;  because of the complexity and risk that exists in the world, you can no longer sell holidays via a one-stop universal model.... 25 August 2015

Risk Destinations: Some Predictions!

Just before this last week-end, we were speaking in the press about 'risk destinations' and the failure of brochures and UK Foriegn Office Advisories to spell out exactly what kind of problems exist in some destinations. We have been speaking about these issues since 2007; the premise is simple - some destinations attract a higher risk, such as terrorism, civil disorder or extreme weather even... 24 August 2015

The Death of Corporate Responsibility!

2008 will go down as the year when Corporate Responsibility died. The thin dividing line between excessive or aggressive behaviour and the quest to increase profits and influence, is usually stemmed by a corporate conscience. 2008 was the year when a corner was turned and whatever pretence existed that corporations worked within Regulatory frameworks, simply disappeared. Whole plane loads of holidaymakers found themselves in dire straights, some were advised upon arrival, that their chosen hotel was no longer available - where was their undeniable consumer rights before departure? 15 January 2009

Travel Insurance & The 'Risk Destination'

We refer to the recent events and disturbances in Kenya, during which holidaymakers discovered that they were either not covered by their Travel Insurance or it was withdrawn before they travelled. We study, through the case examples of British Holidaymakers, how tour operators dealt with this issue, and raise an action plan on how to try and overcome the contractual difficulties posed by the lack of travel insurance to a risk destination. 19 May 2008