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The Tunisia Inquest - An Innocence Lost; A Radical Solution!

Today marks the beginning of the end of a very long and painful journey for the Families of the 38 UK & other Nationalities, who were killed following the awful events on Sousse beach on 26 June 2015. On that day, an innocence was lost on the sands of Sousse in Tunisia. In our view, that innocence attaches itself to Travel Companies, Government and Consumers. Following this terrible atta... 28 February 2017

The Thomas Cook Affair - Carbon Monoxide Implications!

On Wednesday 13 May 2015, the Jury in the Wakefield Coroners Court, returned a verdict on their inquiry into the deaths of Christianne & Robert Shepherd from Carbon Monoxide poisoning in Corfu in 2006. They held that the children had been 'unlawfully killed', they made a number of observations about the standard of the holiday accommodation and held that Thomas Cook had breached their Du... 18 May 2015

The Thomas Cook Affair 2 - Compensation?

The news that Thomas Cook had allegedly received £3.5m after the Corfu Carbon Monoxide case in Corfu released an angry backlash from media, the family affected by the deaths of Christianne & Robert Shepherd and Consumers. Frank was interviewed by BBC Radio Leeds for his reaction to the news.   Frank told listeners that he was aware that an award had been made 2 years previously but... 18 May 2015

Campaigners call for Action following Corfu Carbon Monoxide Verdict!

The verdict of 'unlawful killing' and a finding that Thomas Cook breached their Duty of Care following an inquest into the deaths of Christianne & Robert Shepherd, presents the Travel Industry with a wake-up call on hotel safety! The Jury revealed a number of short-comings in the hotel property and in particular the boiler and its maintenance, but the most important concerns raised by the... 14 May 2015

Call for EU Regulation on Hotel Safety following Carbon Monoxide Verdict!

The 13 May 2015 will be remembered as a watershed day following the stunning verdict delivered by the Jury in Wakefield Coroners Court into the deaths of Christianne & Robert Shepherd. In 2006, these two young children died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning whilst on holiday at the Louis Corcyra Hotel on Corfu in Greece. Their deaths produced a shockwave throughout Greece, amongst Holidaymak... 13 May 2015