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What Holidaymakers say about HolidayTravelWatch

We know that when you have a holiday complaint and are seeking ways to resolve those problems, finding a trusted source can be difficult! We believe that HolidayTravelWatch can provide you with the tools you need to self-resolve your complaints or where those complaints are more serious, that you find a safe environment which will help you gain the compensation you deserve! Just because we say... 2 January 2013

Free Speech for Holidaymakers! When do we want it? Now!

I was struck by the latest response by Trip Advisor, to the pressure that is being brought to bear on 'false' or inaccurate reviewing! This appears to have snow-balled from a Channel Four documentary - The Attack of the Trip Advisor! I have to say that words almost failed me after having seen this program; I am not sure what the program hoped to achieve by choosing to examine a very small part of the holiday reviews world. I feel that it is important to distinguish between the kind of complaints we hear of and those presented through this program. 9 November 2011

A Question of Trust or a Threat to Travel Review Websites?

The monolith that is Trip Advisor is apparently subject to the threat of legal action! This threat has apparently come from an internet marketing and reputational protection company called Kwikchex. They are claiming that amongst many holiday review websites, Trip advisor allows the posting of ‘unverified’ travel reviews. They also claim that that ‘entirely false’ comments are made on ‘food poisoning; accusations of criminal acts; including theft, assault and racism; Misleading and malicious descriptions of the property’ are amongst those found on Trip Advisor. They also provide other related complaints against Trip Advisor. It appears that they are forming a group action of affected hotel properties 7 September 2010