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Holidaymakers’ complaints from the Flamingo Oasis Hotel on the Costa Blanca; our concerns!

In the last few weeks we have heard from a number of returning holidaymakers who have stayed at the Hotel Flamingo Oasis in Benidorm on the Costa Blanca in Spain. The most concerning aspect of all these complaints centres in on the illnesses complained of and how it apparently affected a large number of hotel guests. In an age when Consumers are told that to complain or claim is bad and that... 28 September 2016

The 10 top holiday complaints & experiences this 2015 holiday season!

I was looking at our call volumes the other day and realised that in our 20 year history, we have never been so busy! Our recent Holiday Standards Report survey has revealed some interesting facts about what really gets under the skin of UK holidaymakers. So I thought I would share with you, some of the top 10 complaints and the real Consumer experiences that go with these complaints! Our surv... 21 October 2015

Time to sort out the All-Inclusive Holiday?

This past few weeks has demonstrated that despite guiding Consumers for 20 years, the Travel Industry just does not seem to be consistent in delivering a good quality, safe and enjoyable all-inclusive holiday. The complaints received each and every day reveal a catalogue of poor standards which I would wager a small bet that no Holiday Company Executive would introduce his or her family to suc... 9 September 2015

Consumers called to action over The Great Parnassus in Cancun, Mexico

For several weeks, HolidayTravelWatch has been receiving complaints from holidaymakers either following their holiday to The Great Parnassus in Cancun in Mexico, or from those concerned about what they are reading before they visit the hotel. Complaints we have received to date include: Witness to other holidaymakers being ill; Excrement on the floor and furniture of the Public Toilets; S... 7 September 2015

Hotel Great Parnassus, Cancun, Mexico

August 2015 Consumers returning to the UK have advised us of their complaints against this hotel. They allege that their complaints include, witnessing holidaymakers being ill, excrement on the floors and toilets in the Public toilet areas, power cuts, the swimming pools being evacuated and samples apparently being taken, food not being cooked completely, flies in/around food, salad bar not ch... 7 September 2015

2015: The 10 worst excuses for Holiday Illness!

The 2015 holiday year is proving once again to offer excuses rather than action when it comes to dealing with holiday illness. Many Britons travel to far off destinations, hoping to obtain some relief from the day-to-day stresses, only to find that the promise of their holiday product falls far short of expectations. Whilst the nature of holiday complaints is as wide as it is varied, the one c... 2 September 2015

Warning to holidaymakers: Don't underestimate post-holiday effects of holiday illness!

HolidayTravelWatch receives many calls from holidaymakers where they tell us about their experience of illness at their holiday hotel. For many, the illness is but a part of their bad holiday and they often tell of the many other problems at their hotel or resort, which they often describe as their 'Holiday from Hell'. The common mistake for many holidaymakers is that once they have returned t... 26 August 2015

Welcome to the Hotel Cryptosporidium?

With sincere apologies and acknowledgement to the Eagles famous song, 'Welcome to the Hotel California', we have been hearing from holidaymakers who have been describing their recent holiday experience in the Canaries as 'This could be Heaven or this could be Hell'! As the title of this article suggests, these holidaymakers are alleging that they have been exposed to the parasite that causes C... 6 August 2015

Hotel Palm Gardens, Gumbet

September 2014 Holidaymakers have complained of illness, problems with the accommodation and that they had seen other holidaymakers suffering with sickness. These holidaymakers have received help and you can speak with our advisors by calling - 03450179229. Current Status Holidaymakers are trying to resolve their complaints, as we hear more, we shall update this section Other information co... 15 May 2015

George Monbiot is right, but on Holiday Complaints...?

Like him or loathe him, George Monbiot is an essential read if you want to understand the world around you or the politic that dictates your daily life. I thoroughly enjoy George's work which provides an incisive critique on the power cliques that we trust to deliver a safe environment, democratic accountability or a peaceful world. He also sends a powerful message to Consumers that they have a... 11 September 2014