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Extreme Weather

Between July and December of each year, we hear from holidaymakers affected by extreme weather events such as hurricanes or other natural phenomena. The complaints that arise from their holiday usually amount to being sent into what has become a disaster area or that they were not evacuated from danger. 30 November 2012

Overbearing Airport Security?

We have heard from holidaymakers who have ‘complained’ about what they see as an over-bearing airport security, either here in the UK or at the airports of their destinations. Since 2001, we have all been subject to the increased airport security, in an effort to deal with the advised threat against travel, holidays and holidaymakers. For many holidaymakers, the prospect of navigating airport security can raise fears, tension, frustration, complaints and sometimes an over-reaction from airport security or border staff. 29 November 2012

The 12 Golden Rules of Travel

When HolidayTravelWatch was first formed, it was quickly realised that holidaymakers needed a checklist to guide them when they encountered problems. Over the years HolidayTravelWatch has gained invaluable experience which it has endeavoured to share with as many holidaymakers as possible. 31 May 2010