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Planning your Holiday - Tips on how to choose the holiday that is right for you!

Planning your holiday can be an exciting time; the promise of a far off beach and lazy days, away from the stresses of the world is hard to resist. However, some holidaymakers fail to plan their holiday and sometimes suffer disappointment with their chosen destination. Where such disappointment exists, it cannot always be said to be the fault of the tour operator of it can be shown that your 'choice' was not made with care! When you buy a car, or choose an electrical appliance, most people will research that product before making a final choice. The problem with holiday choices is that the temptation to 'click and go' and the ease at which you can make your choice, often with little description has all the potential to deliver disappointment. 15 May 2015

Extreme Weather

Between July and December of each year, we hear from holidaymakers affected by extreme weather events such as hurricanes or other natural phenomena. The complaints that arise from their holiday usually amount to being sent into what has become a disaster area or that they were not evacuated from danger. 30 November 2012

Ethical Travel Articles

We have gathered together some of our own articles and other articles of interest which should provoke further thought for the intending holidaymaker and Ethical Travel 21 March 2008