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George Monbiot is right, but on Holiday Complaints...?

Like him or loathe him, George Monbiot is an essential read if you want to understand the world around you or the politic that dictates your daily life. I thoroughly enjoy George's work which provides an incisive critique on the power cliques that we trust to deliver a safe environment, democratic accountability or a peaceful world. He also sends a powerful message to Consumers that they have a... 11 September 2014

Ethical Travel Organisations

Tourism Concern is an Organisation dedicated to the promotion of Ethical Travel, who develop projects to demonstrate that there is another way to organise travel for the benefit of local communities. We recommend a visit to this website which contains a wonderful and humbling photographic record and comments from people within the travel industry. It also contains useful information on workers rights, water and development issues. Their travel code is simple; Learn about the Country you are visiting, Think about the cost of your holiday, Open your mind to new cultures and traditions, minimise your environmental impact, Use guidebooks to broaden you knowledge, use photography with respect. 21 March 2008

How Green is your Travel? The Flight Debate

We examine the issues swirling around the 'Green' flight debate. We provide a summary and ask, when are politicians and Industry going to provide a coherent response to the problem? 26 June 2007