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Travel Consumer Rights? Vote Remain!

On Thursday 16 June 2016, our Consumer Director, Frank Brehany, was interviewed by Eamonn Holmes on Sky News. Frank was asked to explain what could happen to Travel Consumer Rights as the Referendum approached, it resulted in Eamonn considering that the issue was as ‘clear as mud’; Frank agreed! For the last few months, HolidayTravelWatch has been trying to establish what would happen to Trave... 19 June 2016

Your Consumer Travel Rights & The EU Referendum

I want to share with you some key information about the forthcoming EU Referendum and Travel Consumer Rights. As some of you may be aware, I have already spoken widely in the press, on the radio and TV on this subject matter. Our country is faced with the single most important choice in several generations. As I write this, I despair at not only the level of the intelligence and respect with... 17 June 2016

The EU Referendum and Your Travel Consumer Rights!

Today, Frank has picked up the 'hot potatoe' of the EU Referendum! We have carried out a survey on what the effect of a 'brexit' could be on Travel Consumers Rights. When we pointed out to those who intended to vote leave that they may potentially lose those rights, 23% said that they would now vote to stay but 34% said that they would still vote 'leave' but that they were concerned about the... 17 June 2016

Call to Action on Holiday Safety Failures of the EU Commission

Campaigners and the Travel Industry have suffered a recent disappointment, delivered by Commissioner Jourova from DG Justice at the EU Commission. The Commission decided that an important Consultation on Safety in Holiday Accommodation was being concluded, apparently on the basis of finding no Consumer Detriment or that there was any failure of law or enforcement committed by Member States. Th... 19 November 2015

Responsible Holidaymaker saves worker from Carbon Monoxide!

I was talking to a holidaymaker the other day about his holiday home. Like many thousands of Britons, he and his wife have invested in a property abroad, to provide them with that bolt-hole or with rental income when they are not using the property. Like all property owners they work at maintaining their property so that they can deliver a high standard for themselves or their visitors. In des... 9 February 2015

HolidayTravelWatch gives cautious welcome to proposed Package Travel Directive

Since 2005, HolidayTravelWatch has been engaged in presenting the Consumer experience to the UK Government, The European Commission & the EU Parliament on the sale and operation of Package Holidays. The Organisation has submitted its latest observations to the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and their Consultation on the newly proposed Package Travel Directive (Note:only t... 4 December 2013

HolidayTravelWatch submits shocking report on Fire Safety in Holiday Accommodation!

Since 1995, HolidayTravelWatch has spoken with many holidaymakers either directly affected by fire in their holiday accommodation or indirectly, by reporting deficiencies as they see it, with Fire Safety mechanisms in their holiday hotels. The 2012/2013 holiday season has been no exception, with complaints from holidaymakers who state that they were subject to: Ash exposure; Being directed... 4 December 2013

HolidayTravelWatch welcomes CEN's decison on Aircraft Cabin Air Standards!

HolidayTravelWatch applauds the recent decision of CEN (the European Committee for Standardisation) to 'repeal' two Standards on Aircraft Cabin Air Quality (prEN4618 & prEN4666). This decision came after a collective presentation of concerns raised by this Organisation, along with major Pilot and Cabin Crew Organisations and International Trade Unions. HolidayTravelWatch is proud to have b... 4 December 2013

Lobbying for Travel Rights and HolidayTravelWatch

I was recently in the United States, working with pilots, cabin crew, representatives from Airbus & Boeing and American Airlines, arguing for a standard to deal with cabin air quality.  This work, done under the auspices of ASHRAE, is vital if we are going to tackle the scourge of fumes escaping into the aircraft cabin environment. As I was talking to one of the pilots representatives, he w... 3 June 2013

The new Package Travel Directive - Separating the myths from reality!

I read the other day what must be the non-story of the week, or is it? It comes via the TTG, where the newly formed Association of Travel Agents (a breakaway group from ABTA), voiced concerns over the TTG's revelation that the EU Commission introduced a radical plan to scrap the Package Travel Directive! Within the article there was much fear and concern expressed for the removal of this law,... 12 April 2013