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The 10 top holiday complaints & experiences this 2015 holiday season!

I was looking at our call volumes the other day and realised that in our 20 year history, we have never been so busy! Our recent Holiday Standards Report survey has revealed some interesting facts about what really gets under the skin of UK holidaymakers. So I thought I would share with you, some of the top 10 complaints and the real Consumer experiences that go with these complaints! Our surv... 21 October 2015

Crime & Misselling in Holidays; Is enough being done?

Regular readers will know that I have some serious concern about Magaluf on the island of Majorca. My concerns are centred around the fact that it is evident from speaking with reps and with people who live there, that there is a culture of crime, irresponsible selling and indeed misselling, which is Industrial in its scale of operations! So to give you an idea of Magaluf and its problems, you... 14 September 2015

Call for Spanish Police & Authorities to take responsibility for Magaluf!

HolidayTravelWatch has been concerned to read that the proposed placing of British Police Officers on the streets of Magaluf on Majorca has finally materialised. It would appear that 2 West Midlands Police officers have been assigned to cover the 'Magaluf beat' for a two week trial period. We hope that the Officers will detect what we have detected in a 2 year period, namely: Suspicious de... 11 August 2015

Speech at the House of Lords; Carbon Monoxide and the State of Consumer Campaigning!

CO-Gas Safety (COGS) has celebrated its 20th Year of Campaigning and held its last Schools Poster Competition at the House of Lords on Tuesday 27 January 2015. We were honoured to be asked to deliver a speech at this event and did so about the state of Consumer Campaigning. Whilst we delivered our speech from a Carbon Monoxide perspective, we brought together the sum of our experiences from ar... 27 January 2015

A Majorcan Experience, but what of the Holidaymakers?

For some time, this Organisation has received calls from young holidaymakers, affected by crime in a number of resorts around the Mediterranean and beyond. The scale of these complaints reveal that young British Holidaymakers are unwittingly exposed to a holiday product that strips them of not only money but dignity, respect and personal safety. Whilst young people are the focus of our reports,... 26 January 2015

The caring face of the so-called DIY Package Holiday!

Every now and again I hear of a holidaymakers experience which demonstrates the shocking attitude of some travel companies.  What is equally distasteful is reading about how many months individual holidaymakers will invest to try and resolve their holiday complaints, only to be, for want of a better expression, to find themselves 'shafted' by their 'travel companies'! This story does not just... 17 April 2013