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Call for EU Regulation on Hotel Safety following Carbon Monoxide Verdict!

The 13 May 2015 will be remembered as a watershed day following the stunning verdict delivered by the Jury in Wakefield Coroners Court into the deaths of Christianne & Robert Shepherd. In 2006, these two young children died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning whilst on holiday at the Louis Corcyra Hotel on Corfu in Greece. Their deaths produced a shockwave throughout Greece, amongst Holidaymak... 13 May 2015

George Monbiot is right, but on Holiday Complaints...?

Like him or loathe him, George Monbiot is an essential read if you want to understand the world around you or the politic that dictates your daily life. I thoroughly enjoy George's work which provides an incisive critique on the power cliques that we trust to deliver a safe environment, democratic accountability or a peaceful world. He also sends a powerful message to Consumers that they have a... 11 September 2014

How Ethical is your Travel?

This article from our May 2007 edition of the Get'Away Travel-Zine begins by asking, "How Ethical is Your Travel?". It explores the basic questions holidaymakers should ask before they book a holiday and suggests a standard Holidaymakers Travel Responsibility (HTR) position. It is still the case that it is indeed relevant that when holidaymakers are first looking to book a holiday that they should examine the social and political situation of their intended destination 7 June 2010

The Death of Corporate Responsibility!

2008 will go down as the year when Corporate Responsibility died. The thin dividing line between excessive or aggressive behaviour and the quest to increase profits and influence, is usually stemmed by a corporate conscience. 2008 was the year when a corner was turned and whatever pretence existed that corporations worked within Regulatory frameworks, simply disappeared. Whole plane loads of holidaymakers found themselves in dire straights, some were advised upon arrival, that their chosen hotel was no longer available - where was their undeniable consumer rights before departure? 15 January 2009

Responsible Travel and the Travel Industry

The issues of Ethical and Moral Travel must be jointly considered with the Travel Industry. Is is right that the onus of responsibility be placed entirely on the Holidaymaker? Is it just about planting trees? We think not! Recently we have seen some tour companies placing an 'eco' charge on their customers, we think to satisfy the current soundbite. However, we also have to give credit to this first tentative step, a step that leads to a greater corporate ethic within the early years of the 21st century. 21 March 2008

Ethical Travel Articles

We have gathered together some of our own articles and other articles of interest which should provoke further thought for the intending holidaymaker and Ethical Travel 21 March 2008