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Holidaymakers: The Consequences of making a False Holiday Claim!

Over recent years and in particular the last few months, this Organisation has been concerned about the rise of so-called regulated and unregulated claims management companies and their practices. In particular, we are concerned by the robust way in which holidaymakers are approached in resorts or when they return to the UK, appearing to encourage them to make a claim for illness following thei... 29 November 2016

Holiday Claims: A Culture of Compensation?

In March 2013, I was invited to make a presentation at the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA); today they call themselves ABTA The Travel Association. I decided to discuss 'Perceptions & Futures' in which I revealed the nature and role of HolidayTravelWatch, the Consumer Perception of what goes wrong in holidays, Consumer Protesters and Campaigners. what our Organisation thought ab... 21 November 2016

HolidayTravelWatch warns Consumers on so-called 'After-Travel Care' Claims Companies

HolidayTravelWatch continues to hear from Consumers who have been cold-called by so-called Claims Management Companies. The premise of the call raises issues about that Consumer's 'recent' holiday. They appear to identify themselves as an 'After-Travel Care' team and apparently advise that they 'work with' Travel Companies and in one case, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). They inform Consu... 16 November 2016

Consumer group warns of and condemns cold-calling of Holidaymakers!

HolidayTravelWatch has been in existence for nearly 22 years, helping and guiding holidaymakers to deal with their travel complaints. The nature and range of our work reveals complaints from booking problems to suspicious deaths. We provide Consumers with an opportunity to review their complaints and learn how to self-resolve them; we achieve that with 97.5% of those who contact us. The remain... 17 October 2016

20 Ridiculous Holiday Complaints: The Consumer Experience 2013!

I thought that I would share with you one holiday experience we have received this morning.  It comes from a holidaymaker who is so incensed about what she was 'given' for her holiday, that she has decided, enough is enough and that she is going to challenge her tour operator for compensation! This holidaymaker decided to take a 7 day holiday to the popular resort of Marmaris in Turkey.  When s... 14 August 2013