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Recognition of Consumer Champions 2016!

Throughout our 22 year journey we have had the privilege of coming into contact with some very remarkable and determined people. Many are just ordinary Consumers trying to deal with the adverse situations they find themselves in whilst others are quietly working away in the background trying to secure change for the benefit of all Consumers.  At the close of 2016, for the second year running,... 21 December 2016

Repeated call for Aviation Authorities to introduce 'Passenger's Right to Know'

Yesterday we called on British Airways to reflect on their actions, following the diversion of flight BA 286 (SFO to LHR) to Vancouver. We suggested that the airline reflect on the incident and provide passengers with timely information so that they can determine whether or not they need to seek medical help. Within that press release we again set out our call for a universal 'Passenger's Righ... 27 October 2016

Call for BA to provide for a Passenger's Right to Know

Reports of a British Airways aircraft, en-route from San Francisco to London, having to divert to Vancouver, because of crew illness again raises the important issue of cabin air quality. In its ABC News report, a recording purporting to be from one of the flight crew, is heard to state to Air Traffic Control: "Toxic fumes; Toxic gas type fumes". The aircraft, an Airbus A380, landed safely i... 26 October 2016

Consumer Group welcomes open discussion on Cabin Air Quality

HolidayTravelWatch has since 2007 been at the forefront of making sure the Consumer voice is heard about concerns expressed on Cabin Air Quality. The Organisation has addressed a number of issues across a broad spectrum, bringing Consumer views to the heart of the political debate. For several years, the Organisation has been engaged in helping to draft and build a suitable standard on Cabin... 7 July 2015

Concern for Passenger Safety following 3rd Aircraft Fume Event Report!

HolidayTravelWatch has now received information concerning another aircraft fume event, on-board a BHAir flight from Bourgas in Turkey to London Gatwick on 12 June 2014, Flight Number BGH5551. This is the third report we have received for flights emanting from Turkey to the UK, the other flights having taken place on 13 June 2014 & 14 June 2014. Consumers advise this Organisation that:... 9 September 2014

Aircraft Fume Event | Cabin Air Quality/Aerotoxic Complaints | Flight: Burgas (Bulgaria) to Manchester | 13 June 2014

Principle Information: If you have travelled on a flight, on the above route, on 13 June 2014, and you and your family have suffered with sickness, be advised that following this flight, other holidaymakers have received assistance with their travel complaints. If you would like to receive assistance to deal with this travel problem, please contact HolidayTravelWatch as soon as possible for F... 30 July 2014

So Trade Unions, what are you going to do about Aircraft Cabin Air Quality?

As you will know, we have for several years been campaigning against the scandal of toxins escaping into aircraft cabins. Our quest for a greater openness and honesty, has taken the views of HolidayTravelWatch and the experiences of holidaymakers around the world, to try and bring about the conditions whereby common sense and safety will prevail! I have met and continue to meet some remarkable... 30 October 2013

Lobbying for Travel Rights and HolidayTravelWatch

I was recently in the United States, working with pilots, cabin crew, representatives from Airbus & Boeing and American Airlines, arguing for a standard to deal with cabin air quality.  This work, done under the auspices of ASHRAE, is vital if we are going to tackle the scourge of fumes escaping into the aircraft cabin environment. As I was talking to one of the pilots representatives, he w... 3 June 2013

Travel Consumer Group calls for Westminster Lobby Register!

HolidayTravelWatch has today written an extensive article commenting on the latest reports to engulf Westminster; alleged payments for lobbying! The organisation has been engaged in lobbying activities since its creation and has become more fully engaged since 2005. HolidayTravelWatch actively campaigns on a number of major issues, such as: The Package Travel Directive; Aircraft Cabin Air... 3 June 2013