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Call to Action on Holiday Safety Failures of the EU Commission

Campaigners and the Travel Industry have suffered a recent disappointment, delivered by Commissioner Jourova from DG Justice at the EU Commission. The Commission decided that an important Consultation on Safety in Holiday Accommodation was being concluded, apparently on the basis of finding no Consumer Detriment or that there was any failure of law or enforcement committed by Member States. Th... 19 November 2015

HolidayTravelWatch welcomes forthcoming Coroner's report and calls again on UK Government to act on Carbon Monoxide

HolidayTravelWatch has since 2006, followed the tragic Corfu Carbon Monoxide case which caused the deaths of Robert & Christianne Shepherd. The Organisation monitored the inquest held into their death's and attended the proceedings in Wakefield. The jury in that case made a number of observations as to the evidence which led to the Coroner delivering a verdict of unlawful killing and that t... 5 October 2015

HolidayTravelWatch expresses disappointment at UK Government’s failure on Carbon Monoxide in Holiday Properties

Today marks the day when new regulations enter into force, to require Landlords of rented properties to install and maintain Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarms. Whilst any measure to prevent death and injury is always welcome, the regulations expose a deficit in political thinking and action to protect many more ordinary citizens! The new regulations only apply to those rented properties that... 1 October 2015

Responsible Holidaymaker saves worker from Carbon Monoxide!

I was talking to a holidaymaker the other day about his holiday home. Like many thousands of Britons, he and his wife have invested in a property abroad, to provide them with that bolt-hole or with rental income when they are not using the property. Like all property owners they work at maintaining their property so that they can deliver a high standard for themselves or their visitors. In des... 9 February 2015

Speech at the House of Lords; Carbon Monoxide and the State of Consumer Campaigning!

CO-Gas Safety (COGS) has celebrated its 20th Year of Campaigning and held its last Schools Poster Competition at the House of Lords on Tuesday 27 January 2015. We were honoured to be asked to deliver a speech at this event and did so about the state of Consumer Campaigning. Whilst we delivered our speech from a Carbon Monoxide perspective, we brought together the sum of our experiences from ar... 27 January 2015

HolidayTravelWatch congratulates CO-Gas Safety on its 20th Year

HolidayTravelWatch recognises the 20th Year of Campaigning and Consumer assistance given by The Carbon Monoxide & Gas Safety Society also known as CO-Gas Safety. The Society's President, Stephanie Trotter OBE, has been at the helm since its formation and has directed its precious resources and energies toward advocating for Consumers who feel that they are unable to do so when they have bee... 25 January 2015

Lobbying for Travel Rights and HolidayTravelWatch

I was recently in the United States, working with pilots, cabin crew, representatives from Airbus & Boeing and American Airlines, arguing for a standard to deal with cabin air quality.  This work, done under the auspices of ASHRAE, is vital if we are going to tackle the scourge of fumes escaping into the aircraft cabin environment. As I was talking to one of the pilots representatives, he w... 3 June 2013

After 141 Days, Consumer Group calls for Cabinet Office to respond on Carbon Monoxide issues!

It is with continued disappointment that HolidayTravelWatch notes that it is still waiting for an acknowledgement and response to its letter to the Cabinet Office of the 31 October 2012!     In that letter, the Organisation raised the issue of using Public Information Films to promote a greater Public awareness of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide.  In 2010, the present government, through the Ca... 20 March 2013