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A humbling 9/11 experience!

Kieron. In January 2014, I went to the United States travelling through Dublin Airport. If you take this route you have to pass through US Pre-Clearance before you reach your departure gate. Eric Taube Olsen. Once you arrive in the USA you simply pass from your arrival gate and move straight to the baggage reclaim area. Security was an issue that we had to encounter several times that mo... 12 September 2014

Overbearing Airport Security?

We have heard from holidaymakers who have ‘complained’ about what they see as an over-bearing airport security, either here in the UK or at the airports of their destinations. Since 2001, we have all been subject to the increased airport security, in an effort to deal with the advised threat against travel, holidays and holidaymakers. For many holidaymakers, the prospect of navigating airport security can raise fears, tension, frustration, complaints and sometimes an over-reaction from airport security or border staff. 29 November 2012

Are You Feeling Secure? Comment on Airport Security

A holidaymaker has just told me of their concern on Airport Security and asked the question, what's the point? Well, I began to rehearse the usual mantra of how the threat of terrorism is ever present, and how we must always be vigilant. 18 May 2008