Travel Consumer Group calls for Westminster Lobby Register!

HolidayTravelWatch has today written an extensive article commenting on the latest reports to engulf Westminster; alleged payments for lobbying! The organisation has been engaged in lobbying activities since its creation and has become more fully engaged since 2005.

HolidayTravelWatch actively campaigns on a number of major issues, such as:

  1. The Package Travel Directive;
  2. Aircraft Cabin Air Quality (Aerotoxic);
  3. Air Passenger Rights;
  4. Ships Safety;
  5. Risk Destinations and Travel Advisories;
  6. Travel Insurance, and
  7. Other issues such as Kids Club Safety, Access to Law etc.

We are listed on the EU Transparency Register and list openly all our activities and interests.

In our article we highlight the difference between lobbying outside the UK and demonstrate deficits by reference to the campaign on Carbon Monoxide Safety.

In that example we demonstrate how difficult it is for us and other Consumer campaigners to penetrate the Westminster village and ensure that the Consumer story is heard.

On the issue of Carbon Monoxide we highlight that it is now 215 days since we wrote to the Cabinet Office asking them:

  1. To explain how they were going to implement their new policy on Public Information Films;
  2. How they were going to create a true public/private partnership in the creation of Public Information Films and Carbon Monoxide, and
  3. To meet with us and our fellow campaigners to discuss these issues.

Despite 3 letters, 2 press releases, 'tweets' and commentary in Google+ and Facebook (and the fact that we know that these items have been received by the Cabinet Office), they have not even acknowledged let alone responded to the points we have raised.

Frank Brehany, the Consumer Director of HolidayTravelWatch states:

"At Day 215, I wonder if I had been a member of an industry, if I would have been left waiting at the front door for so long?"

He adds;

"My experience of Lobbying in Westminster is in stark contrast to that I experience in Europe or in the United States; it's as if the mantra in this country is - 'Industry good - Consumer bad' applies!"

He concludes;

"A great deal needs to be done to redress the balance of lobbying and because of the importance to many Consumers with travel complaints, we call on this government to introduce a lobbying register at Westminster without delay, so that Consumers can be confident that a government is taking seriously their complaints against an industry without the lure of money in the background!"

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