Second Call for Action at The Holiday Village in Sarigerme, Turkey

"My family suffered from salmonella food poisoning at The Holiday Village Turkey this year in July. I know there are lots of us (trip advisor, solicitors comments etc) but what can be done to protect people still being sent to this hotel? If a resort in this country had such a terrible record of food poisoning over 4 years wouldnt it be closed down?" (EM1808)

Since 2006, HolidayTravelWatch has highlighted the problems experienced by holidaymakers at the Holiday Village, Sarigerme in Turkey.  We have now produced 4 'Call to Arms' for this complex since May 2009, advising holidaymakers of the contact we have received from other holidaymakers with complaints.  In our last press release on this matter, we called upon the Turkish and British Health Authorities to act and deal with the obvious difficulties at this complex during the 2009 holiday season.

Their response?  Nothing!

HolidayTravelWatch considers that this 'annual fest' of complaints to be so serious and as a consequence, have written an open letter to the Turkish Ambassador in London - His Excellency Mr Mehmet Yigit Alpogan, calling on him to provide assistance with the Turkish Health Authorities.

Throughout August 2009, HolidayTravelWatch has received a number of holiday complaints from returning holidaymakers, which suggest that the problems at this complex do not appear to have abated.  Complaints received indicate that holidaymakers are suffering with the following confirmed diagnoses:

  1. Salmonella (some individual holidaymakers have also been diagnosed with Cryptosporidium);
  2. Cryptosporidium (some individual holidaymakers have also been diagnosed with Salmonella);
  3. Campylobacter;
  4. Severe Gastroenteritis.

Holidaymakers have reported to us that they had to receive urgent medical treatment in resort, with some having to be hospitalised.  Many families also report that those not affected by any illness had to spend the majority of their time caring for those who were sick in their party. 

The following is a selection of recently received comments (in their own words) from returned holidaymakers:

"I contacted you recently regarding my daughters illness and hospitalisation after our holiday to the first choice holiday village in turkey. Last week we were told by the hospital that the sample was clear however I have now received a letter from our local council informing us that she in fact had campylobacter food poisoning". (EM2108)

"Whilst we were there we complained many times about the cleanliness of the pool and i have attach photos. We all became ill with sickness and diarrohea and sent samples when we returned on 23rd july. These have just been confirmed as cryptosporidium my daughter was extremly ill with this. I am still ill and off work".  (EM2008)

"I have recently returned from the above with my family and all of us has somesort of illness along with the disappointment of the services/facilities at the supposidly 4 star resort" (EM1808)

"I have just been on the internet looking at symptoms of samonella,as myself and 11 other people in my party all travelled to the holiday village between 27.07.09 and 10.08.09.  We all have had symptoms ranging from of diarohea,severe stomach cramps,headaches,and fever.We continue to suffer even though we have been back a week.  Two of us have produced a stool sample to be tested at our local hospital"  (EM1708)

"I have recently visited The Holiday Village and been struck down with salmonella food poisoning, micro biology result. 5days of holiday and 5days of stomach upset I decided to come home early. I then suffered what was then considered a heart attack due to severe dehydration. I believe........and every other day the pool being locked out for sanitary reasons" (EM1708)

"We were at the First Choice holiday village in Sarigerme Turkey from 20th July to 3rd August 2009. From Tuesday 28th July until Saturday 1st August my son had severe diarrhoea and stomach cramps and was in the hotel room for 3 whole days. We visited the hotel doctor on the Thursday night who diagnosed gastroenteritis and gave us 4 different types of medicine. We returmed home on Monday evening. On weds my 6 yr old daughter started complaining of stomach cramps and then started with vviolent diarrhoea and vomiting. She could not keep anything down not even calpol. On the advice of a doctor we took her to A&E yesterday (8th August) as she was dehydrated and had bloody mucus coming from her bowels. She was admitted to the childrens ward for dehydration and given IV fluids. We are awaiting results of a stool sample. She is currently still in hoispital. Whilst in Turkey they closed the pools on numerous occasions" (EM0908)

Frank Brehany, the Senior Consumer Advocate for HolidayTravelWatch states;

"I agree with the sentiment expressed by the holidaymaker at the start of this release - we would all like to think that any hotel in the UK, with a catalogue of annual complaints such as this, would have action taken against it.  What then must happen before the Turkish and British Health Authorities will act to resolve the problems at the Holiday Village?"

He continues;

"It is shocking to hear from holidaymakers with such a wide range of confirmed diagnoses - it is clear that the common factor in their complaints is that they stayed at this hotel!  It is equally shocking to note that they will be joining a long line of holidaymakers with similar complaints since 2006!  Perhaps the executives of the main tour operator to this complex, should send their families on holiday here to support their position that no problems exist - would that cure their inaction in the face of so many complaints?  I ask again, what will it take for the Turkish and British Health Authorities to act and deal with this insult to Turkish hospitality?"

He concludes,

"Whilst the so-called Health Authorities dither on this important issue of health, I would urge all holidaymakers affected by similar complaints to contact us and join the long line of fellow complainant holidaymakers;  I have said many times before that it is regrettable that such action has to be taken, but these are serious issues affecting ordinary holidaymakers health".