Poor Tour = Holiday Complaints = International Group Action!

HolidayTravelWatch has been contacted by 80 people with many holiday complaints, following a 10 day coach tour of Europe!  The Claimant's each paid over £1,200.00p for this tour, commencing in the UK, and had travelled from Australia, United States of America, Dubai, India and the United Kingdom.  These holidaymakers had booked a tour which was due to reveal the delights of Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Venice, Rome, Pisa and Paris; for many, this was to be a trip of a lifetime!  The holidaymakers are now resolved as a group, to take action against a UK based tour company for compensation!

The complaints made by this group of holidaymakers include:

  1. Only providing one coach instead of two, as agreed, for 80 passengers;
  2. Complaints by management that holidaymakers had too much luggage;
  3. People having to wait in the rain whilst the logistics of one coach was sorted out;
  4. Incorrect information being given to holidaymakers about the delays;
  5. Holidaymakers missed 1st night tour of Amsterdam;
  6. Luggage van delivered luggage to holidaymakers at 01.30hrs - some received their bags at 08.00hrs just before departure;
  7. Comfort break stops were crowded and delayed the tour because of one coach;
  8. Venetian glass works closed because they arrived late;
  9. Visit to the Tower of Pisa had to be abandoned because of lack of time;
  10. Vatican Museum was limited to less than 2 hours;
  11. Eiffel Tower was limited to 1.5 hrs;
  12. One hotel in Switzerland could only cater for 50 people for dinner;
  13. Food choice was limited;
  14. Food was covered in oil;
  15. Inadequate facilities laid on to feed the holidaymakers;
  16. People reporting that they were starving on the tour;
  17. Holidaymakers reported that 'meals' were often eaten at the side of a road or pull-in;
  18. Parisian night tour and cruise cancelled without reason;
  19. Staff refused to allow holidaymakers to speak with the MD of the tour company;
  20. The holidaymakers had a general sense that they did not receive any value for money!

HolidayTravelWatch notes that this is the first non-UK based group action that it has facilitated.

Frank Brehany, the Consumer Director for HolidayTravelWatch states;

"Frankly, this is but a small selection of complaints offered by this group!  There is a misconception that only the British have holiday complaints; in my experience this is a global experience.  I am pleased to be able to say that we are able to assist this group of very determined holidaymakers and hopefully they will achieve justice in light of the appalling way in which this tour was managed"

He concludes,

"For 15 years HolidayTravelWatch has assisted UK holidaymakers and will continue to do so, however, we recognise from the e mail contact we receive, that HolidayTravelWatch has become much more than a UK based travel consumer organisation.  If non-UK resident holidaymakers suffer with holiday complaints, whilst travelling either in the UK or Europe, then they should contact us at HolidayTravelWatch and we will do our best to help them find a resolution".