Over 70% would not recommend a holiday to Egypt - Time for the FCO to act?

Those holidaymakers who are following us, will have recognised our deep concerns for the safety of current holidaymakers in Egypt and those who have yet to travel.  It is clear that the situation in Egypt is now fracturing as is demonstrated by this article from the highly respected Lyse Doucet from the BBC.

This Organisation notes the Travel Trade magazine, TravelMole, has run a straw poll of travel industry professionals, asking the question as to whether they would recommend a holiday to Egypt 'any time soon'. 

Apparently 70.69% of those who have responded to the TravelMole survey, have indicated that they would not be making any current recommendations for a holiday to Egypt!

This Organisation believes this to be a startling result as it demonstrates that there are those within the Travel Industry who recognise the folly of the current FCO Travel Advisory to Egypt.

This Organisation is currently receiving anxious calls from intending holidaymakers, all receiving the same inflexible response from their travel company. We believe that it is now only a matter of time before we start to hear from returning holidaymakers about the 'experiences' from their stay in Egypt and we expect many of those 'experiences' to mirror those from 2011!

HolidayTravelWatch calls today for the FCO to revise its guidance to the governates of the Southern Sinai and the mainland Red Sea, to advise against all but essential travel to these areas.

Frank Brehany, the Consumer Director of HolidayTravelWatch states:

"We do not make this call upon the FCO lightly and understand the implications on Egyptian tourism, however, it is clear that in a country split by social disorder and revolution, this is not the place that British Citizens should be taking a holiday! I call again for 'common sense' to prevail and respectfully ask for the current travel advices to be updated to offer maximum protection to UK Citizens".

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