HolidayTravelWatch welcomes CEN's decison on Aircraft Cabin Air Standards!

HolidayTravelWatch applauds the recent decision of CEN (the European Committee for Standardisation) to 'repeal' two Standards on Aircraft Cabin Air Quality (prEN4618 & prEN4666). This decision came after a collective presentation of concerns raised by this Organisation, along with major Pilot and Cabin Crew Organisations and International Trade Unions.

HolidayTravelWatch is proud to have been associated with such a prestigious delegation. The thrust of the argument made by the delegation was that the Standards had been created without employing a wider cohort of representation and this could lead to the lowering of Standards in Cabin Air Quality.

It is now hoped that CEN will help reform the Standards Committee and facilitate a discussion that will lead to an effective International Standard on this important subject matter.

This Organisation took part in the challenge to this Standard because it is concerned for the health and safety of all users of aircraft.  HolidayTravelWatch has been commenting on the issue of fumes on-board aircraft since 2007 and has guided many Consumers on the effects of their exposure.  We are concerned as to the toxic nature of these fumes, not only from a personal health perspective but also with regards to the safe operation of an aircraft!

We have called for action both at CEN level and at an International level because we estimate that some:

  1. 44,565 passengers experience a smoke or fume event over UK airspace each year, and
  2. That 4,950 passengers experience an illness from such exposure!

It is clearly time for action!

Frank Brehany, the Consumer Director for HolidayTravelWatch states:

"I would like to thank CEN and the National Members for providing the constructive atmosphere which allowed a diverse group to present their concerns.  I would also salute CEN and its members for taking a remarkable and brave decision. We stand ready to contribute to a new process and look forward to the day when either through Legislation, Standards or both, the experience of flying is made safer by having a clean air supply".

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