Day 352 - Consumer Group calls on the Cabinet Office to demonstrate leadership on CO+

The furore over the latest announcement on the latest fuel price rises in gas, coincides with the ticking clock started by HolidayTravelWatch in October 2012, in measuring how long it would take for the Cabinet Office to respond to its call to action, on Public Information Films on Carbon Monoxide.

It is now Day 352 since this organisation wrote to the Cabinet Office and whilst HolidayTravelWatch did receive a reply, that reply in our view spectacularly failed to deal the the important questions raised about the Cabinet Office responsibility in creating Public Information Films.

HolidayTravelWatch attended a meeting with the 'Big 6' Gas Energy Companies at Westminster on Tuesday, where an outline strategy was discussed as to their responsibility for also creating a public awareness campaign. A notable absence from that meeting was the Cabinet Office.

HolidayTravelWatch considers that the Gas Industry is only part of the equation in our quest for a wide Public Information Film campaign and were disappointed that members from other fuels sources were not also present.

This issue is vital to Consumer safety in holidays, as this organisation estimates that the holiday population in the UK, according to the season, ranges from between 500,000 to 1.5 million people per week. British holidaymakers will stay in a variety of holiday properties such as caravans, mobile homes, chalets, holiday parks and complexes.  It is vitally important to ensure that those properties comply to the highest standards and the public need to be enrolled into:

  1. A wide-ranging awareness of the dangers of toxins in fuels,
  2. Be made aware of the dangers in the operation of fuel burning appliances, and
  3. Be encouraged to 'Whistleblow for Safety'!

This Organisation therefore calls for the Cabinet Office to demonstrate leadership in this area and to meet with the Victims, Survivors and Campaigners independently of the fuel industry to hear their concerns and how such a Public Information Film campaign could be created.

Frank Brehany, the Consumer Director for HolidayTravelWatch states:

"It is humbling to meet with those who have been affected by Carbon Monoxide or the poisonous effects of Toxins in fuels. From this point on we shall relate to further commentary on toxins as CO+; this reflects the reality of the potential for exposure to poisons from the burning of fuel. It begs the question; why has there not been a wider objective debate in this area that not only potentially affects holidaymakers, but also domestic users of fossil and non-fossil fuel sources? This is where the Cabinet Office could take the lead and begin that debate by creating the conditions for a wide ranging Public Information Film campaign on the dangers of CO+. To demonstrate that intention I call on the Cabinet Office not only to consider this urgently, but to also meet with the victims, survivors and campaigners independently of the fuel lobby, to understand how such a campaign could be created".


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