Consumer Group welcomes open discussion on Cabin Air Quality

HolidayTravelWatch has since 2007 been at the forefront of making sure the Consumer voice is heard about concerns expressed on Cabin Air Quality.

The Organisation has addressed a number of issues across a broad spectrum, bringing Consumer views to the heart of the political debate.

For several years, the Organisation has been engaged in helping to draft and build a suitable standard on Cabin Air Quality so that it can be universally accepted and is made capable of being incorporated into the Regulatory environment.

That work has brought HolidayTravelWatch to the USA and to the heart of the debate in Europe.

There are many concerns about the quality of the air or how the problem should be assessed.

Given the calls from Consumers to our helpline about this problem, we set about to examine the problem and concluded that there was a need to import the 'Precautionary Principle' into discussions and to plan a work ethic that suits all concerns, be they from Industry or from their opposite numbers from Employee representatives.

We took the view that progress on these important principles would deliver a Standard that would meet our goals and offer good protection and reassurance to Consumers using air transport.

Our summary of the Principles can be found here: The Precautionary Principle and Cabin Air Quality.

The Organisation presented its position and at a recent meeting in Paris, there was general acceptance of the issues and a constructive working atmosphere was created which we consider represented significant progress in bringing different opinion together.

Frank Brehany, the Consumer Director for HolidayTravelWatch states:

"I am pleased to say that there was a great deal of respect shown to ideas which could bring about the development of a good Cabin Air Quality Standard. The working atmosphere was business-like and whilst there is a considerable way to go, I believe that all parties have risen to the challenge in what I would describe as a defining moment. I look forward to engaging further on this important topic and to develop a deeper understanding of the concerns and challenges that lie ahead and to help deliver cleaner air in the aircraft cabin environment for Consumers".

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