Concern for Holidaymakers in Egypt - Time for Action?

HolidayTravelWatch is concerned by reports that two US Citizens have been kidnapped by unknown attackers in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.  The organisation would like to express sympathy to the families of the victims.  HolidayTravelWatch has provided extensive comment on issues of risk to Egypt and Tunisia since the beginning of 2011.  In doing so, we have expressed deep reservations about the standard of travel advices and the apparent willingness of travel companies to offer holidays to such destinations in the midst of civil strife.

The Organisation has noted the current travel advices offered by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and observes that there are no travel restrictions advised (3/2/12).  Given the current state of affairs in Egypt, we would suggest that given the situation, that travel advices be reviewed as a matter of urgency!

We would also call upon the Travel Industry to recognise and respect the difficulties in Egypt at this time and provide alternative options to those scheduled to depart on their holidays to this country without any additional charge.

Frank Brehany, the Consumer Director for HolidayTravelWatch states;

"I extend my hope for a swift return of these two US citizens to safety.  The events over these past few days reveal that any hope for a return to normality in Egypt is still a distance away!  It is time that travel advices and indeed the commercial offerings to Egyptian resorts were reviewed to reflect the reality.  I would suggest that it is now time that British holidaymakers were given clear, open and unambiguous information on the the real risk, both physical and financial, associated with this destination.  I sincerely hope that this fine country and its peoples can return to normality soon, so that they can enjoy the benefits that tourism brings, but for the present, we must all accept that common sense must prevail"