Call for Spanish Police & Authorities to take responsibility for Magaluf!

HolidayTravelWatch has been concerned to read that the proposed placing of British Police Officers on the streets of Magaluf on Majorca has finally materialised.

It would appear that 2 West Midlands Police officers have been assigned to cover the 'Magaluf beat' for a two week trial period.

We hope that the Officers will detect what we have detected in a 2 year period, namely:

  1. Suspicious deaths;
  2. Sexual Assaults;
  3. Robberies;
  4. Kidnapping;
  5. Mugging Prostitutes;
  6. Credit Card Scams;
  7. Doctored drinks;
  8. An open culture of drug selling;
  9. Over-zealous security guards;
  10. A lack of respect for investigation and rights under the EU Convention of Human Rights.

We can only assume that these West Midlands Police Officers will either be very busy or, they will simply be paraded as part of the 'public relations' campaign that is apparently supported by the Spanish & UK Governments.

We call for an end to this charade and that the Guardia Civil, The Majorcan Island Government, the Council of Calvia, The Ministry of Tourism in Madrid and the Spanish Government all wake up to their responsibilities and deal with this culture of poor business practice and the culture of crime and return the once popular resort to its former glory.

We also call on the UK Government and in particular the UK Foreign Office to withdraw its support this so-called 'initiative' and recognise that young UK holidaymakers are being 'introduced' into a risk destination and that firm action is required for this resort from the Spanish Government; they should also encourage more candid descriptions from holiday companies at the point of sale whilst this situation prevails.

Frank Brehany, the Consumer Director for HolidayTravelWatch states:

"I care not for the colourful descriptions in the press about a so-called errant UK 'youth'; many of these reports fail to recognise that many young visitors to Magaluf are decent people and despite looking for that 'wild' holiday, many ordinary young holidaymakers often find themselves in extraordinary circumstances; they also fail to recognise and investigate the very crimes that are committed under their own gaze"

He adds,

"The Island Authorities have to ask the questions; are they allowing poor business practice and criminality to continue because of some misplaced notion that money is money no matter what its source, or, are there more fundamental reasons for allowing such activities to continue in this resort that do not require a proper investigation and scrutiny under law?"

He concludes,

"As a retired Police Officer I am puzzled as to why a UK Police Force has allowed itself to be persuaded to provide this resource, given the nature of the problems; it begs the question - what kind of briefing did they receive before agreeing to provide that resource? It is also clear that the Majorcan Authorities and the Spanish Government have a great deal to explain and even more to do to rid this island resort of these holidaymaker experiences; I call on the Spanish Police and the Authorities to take responsibility for their patch and assume the responsibility they have been given by their citizens and restore safety in tourism!"

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