Call for action on the costs of returning Holiday Illness Claims!

HolidayTravelWatch has noted the Daily Mail's recent article on holiday illness complaints, where it was revealed that 32% of Britons had stated that they had become ill whilst on holiday!  In 2006, the Organisation attempted to provide a cost on returning holiday illnesses and whilst they could have easily concluded that 50% of holidaymakers at that time were reporting illness, they adopted a conservative approach and used a figure of 5% reflecting those who may have been sick whilst on holiday!  The article reveals that one of the most 'popular' sickness complaints was 'Travellers Diarrhoea' - which in the view of the Organisation is an aerosol phrase, used to sometimes mask the real cause of holiday illness complaints!  In light of the survey, HolidayTravelWatch has decided to update their our own survey, that being, the real cost of returning holiday illness to the UK!

In 2006, we stated that the real cost could be categorised as follows:

The Cost to the Insurance Industry - £37,500,000.00p

Personal Costs - £12,645,442.50p

The Cost to the NHS - £24,873,282.00p

The Cost to British Industry - £147,786,750.00p

The overall cost to the UK in 2006 was estimated to be - £222,805,475.50p!

Taking into account the rise in inflation and updating the figures to 2011 by 10.74% (this is the figure HolidayTravelWatch has obtained from an online calculator) they estimate the 2011 figures to be:

The Cost to The Insurance Industry - £41,527,500.00p

Personal Costs - £14,003,563.02p

The Cost to the NHS - £27,544,672.49p

The Cost to British Industry - £163,659,046.95p

The overall predicted cost to the UK economy of returning holiday illness in 2011 is - £246,734,782.46p!

Frank Brehany, the Consumer Director of HolidayTravelWatch states:

"This continues to be a shocking figure; this is a cost that is payable by you and me and industry to account for the failings in holiday contracts!  I note that the article begins by referring to the oft used phrases to describe holiday illness - Delhi Belly, Monetzuma's Revenge or as we have discovered from talking with holidaymakers, other excuses used by tour representatives such as Pharaoh's Revenge, Spanish Tummy, Norovirus; all aerosol phrases designed to perhaps mask the real cuprit such as Salmonella, Shigella Cryptosporidium etc"

He concludes:

"It is time for the press and UK & EU politicians to stand back, think about these figures and then think about all the public health services that could be saved with this money!  Perhaps it is time for the travel industry to be made responsible for these costs where they are found liable"

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