The Thomas Cook Affair - Carbon Monoxide Implications!

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On Wednesday 13 May 2015, the Jury in the Wakefield Coroners Court, returned a verdict on their inquiry into the deaths of Christianne & Robert Shepherd from Carbon Monoxide poisoning in Corfu in 2006.

They held that the children had been 'unlawfully killed', they made a number of observations about the standard of the holiday accommodation and held that Thomas Cook had breached their Duty of Care.

The verdict was no-doubt one of the most stunning made against a British Tour Operator in the last 20 years.

The Jury's decision will have profound implications for how holiday resorts will be assessed initially and how they will continue to be assessed.

Frank has been asked to provide a number of interviews, and this interview with Radio U105, reveals his reaction following the verdict and what must be done to make holidays safer!

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