The Thomas Cook Affair 2 - Compensation?

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The news that Thomas Cook had allegedly received £3.5m after the Corfu Carbon Monoxide case in Corfu released an angry backlash from media, the family affected by the deaths of Christianne & Robert Shepherd and Consumers.

Frank was interviewed by BBC Radio Leeds for his reaction to the news.


Frank told listeners that he was aware that an award had been made 2 years previously but the figure was less than what was quoted in the news.

He advised the programme that such actions taken by tour companies was 'normal' because written into their complex contracts with hoteliers will be indemnity clauses which allow them to re-claim monies for any losses they suffer. He highlighted how for example in a case of food poisoning at a hotel, the tour operator would be able to make a claim for any monies they had to pay out along with other expenses.

Frank concluded that he could understand how people could be angry at this news but that Consumers had to understand how these contracts are formed and what rights these give tour operators!

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