School Holiday Costs; are they fair?

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Frank deals with the results of the HTW Survey of what parents thinks about school holiday costs.

The survey was carried out to understand whether attitudes had hardened or softened after the 100,000+ petition in 2014 forced a parliamentary debate on how politicians could deal with the hike in school holiday prices.

Our survey found that:

  1. 75% felt that these price hikes were unfair;
  2. 90% felt that it was time that the Travel Industry was Regulated so that holidays were affordable for all;
  3. 32% thought that the government should do something about this;
  4. 45% thought that the Travel Industry should regulate itself and stop these price hikes;
  5. 24% called for the creation of a Travel Ombudsman to sort this out!

Frank spoke on a number of radio stations throughout the UK to highlight this survey and the issues that flow from it; Frank thought that:

  1. Consumer power is clearly on the rise - this will not go away;
  2. He felt that the parliamentary debate resolved nothing; apparently the Travel Industry and Politicians agreed to meet to discuss the issue but that there appeared to be a lack of real Consumer input into those 'discussions';
  3. He thought that it was obscene that parents were being criminalised for taking their children out of school when some had no choice. He did not advocate breaking the law but he called for a review of its operation;
  4. He spoke about the demand for a Travel Ombudsman and how this could bring benefit to this debate and a wide range of travel problems!

The interview featured is with Phil White from BBC Radio Humberside.

Note to readers: The ongoing petition can be found on the 38 Degrees website - it currently stands at over 226,000 with a target of 300,000 signatures; please visit that site and add your name!

The founders of the petition have also set up a campaigning website which is Parent's Want a Say!

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