Is the sea clean?

waves on the beach

Frank gave a Radio interview on 15 May 2015 with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire's 'Big Conversation'.

The conversation was centred around the the new EU Directive and UK Regulations dealing with bathing water quality.

Frank offered his view that the Regulations were no bad thing; there was already measures in place on mainland Europe to advise bathers whether the bathing water was safe from E-Coli or worse!

He told of the conditions of some resorts in Europe and that these Regulations should see an improvement in water quality; he offered, "When I go into the sea, I don't want to come out glowing!"

Frank also offered his view that UK resorts, like many on the continent, had changed for the better, many offering excellent facilities designed for different tastes!

Tags: Bathing Water Water Quality Bathing Quality Beach Cleanliness Beach Scores Environment Agency Bathing Water Regulations Bathing Water Directive 2007/6/EC

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