Holiday Complaints & The 2016 Holiday Standards Report

Frank today launches the HolidayTravelWatch 2016 Holiday Standards Report. In that report, Frank will explain what we as Consumers think about travel and the holiday product and perhaps why we experience those holiday complaints!

Frank is also talking about how to make a successful holiday complaint. As the main 2016 Summer Holiday Season gets underway, UK holidaymakers will on the main have a stress-free break away. However, for a sizeable minority, stress is just one of the many surprises in store for them at their chosen hotel or resort!

Our Annual Travel Survey (key points of which is detailed in our Report), revealed much about our experiences abroad, so for example, we have been told by Consumers that:

  1. 14% suffered with Flight Delays;
  2. 8.5% suffered with Flight Cancellations;
  3. 3% experienced fumes or smoke on-board aircraft;
  4. 5% experienced fumes or smoke on-board their cruise ship;
  5. 8% suffered with booking problems;
  6. 9% suffered with sewage smells;
  7. 11% suffered with cold food;
  8. 12% experienced a dirty or unsafe swimming pool;
  9. 7% experienced illness on holiday;
  10. 4% suffered with injuries from an accident whilst on holiday;
  11. 3% suffered from the effects of sexual assault in their hotel or resort;
  12. 6% experienced a burglary within the hotel, apartment or villa resort;
  13. 45% told us that they were more nervous about travelling abroad this year after the terror attacks in 2015;
  14. 46% indicated that they were now more nervous about flying following last year's terror attacks;
  15. 22% told us that they intended to stay in the UK for their holiday this year;
  16. 73% of parents told us that they thought it was wrong to charge a premium on holidays during official holiday periods;
  17. 19% of holidaymakers told us that they don't take out Travel Insurance in order to save money!
  18. 74% of British holidaymakers either did not know or only partially knew about their Consumer Flight Delay Rights;
  19. 73% told us that they knew very little about safety on the ski slopes;
  20. 90% of Consumers told us that they would support the introduction of a 'Holiday Safety Certificate'.

The HolidayTravelWatch Report has become one of the defining reports on travel and should give a real insight as to why things go wrong and what travel companies need to do to put things right!

There is a lot to cover today, but Frank will be covering as much of our findings as possible whilst giving Consumers valuable advice on how to deal with those Travel Problems!

You can read our 2016 Holiday Standards Report here.

You can listen to Frank on the Radio (19/7/2016) here:


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