Airport Rage & October's Half Term Holiday; Tips for Stress Free Travel!

Did you know that 15% of parent's we spoke to admitted to suffering with 'Airport Rage'? 

73% of parent's in our Holiday Standards Report told us that their holiday starts at the airport, so we wondered why do 2.7 million people start their holiday stressed out?

One reason may be that 59% of parents told us that their greatest pet peeve at the airport came from those people who were not ready when they got to the front of the security queue!

The last thing we want to feel when we are about to leave for that well-deserved break is stress!

We offer our solutions and ideas as to what airlines and airports could be doing to ensure that our trips away offer less stress!

Today (Friday 23 October 2015), at the start of the great half-term getaway, Frank Brehany, our Consumer Director talks about travelling through airports and offers his 5 top tips to get you through the airport!


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