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HolidayTravelWatch is all about ensuring quality holidays for everyone. Therefore, using mass media like radio to get the message across is a favourite path.

As travel experts, we are often called on by national and local radio stations to talk on hot topics relating to the travel industry. He also undertakes regular radio interviews as an integral part of the general campaigning and lobbying which we undertake at HolidayTravelWatch, never being afraid to tackle the contentious issues.

You can listen to some of our more recent radio broadcasts here. 

Top tips for your winter holiday - #skisafe!

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Today Frank is talking about how to keep safe on those slopes this winter. Our survey reveals that 6.5m Brits will be heading off to the winter slopes this season but a staggering 73% told us that they knew very little about safety on the slopes! Some 72% were either not advised about the risk of injury or did not appear to be aware of that possibility! We also found that 42% were not aware t... READ MORE 7 December 2016

Holiday Complaints & The 2016 Holiday Standards Report

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Frank today launches the HolidayTravelWatch 2016 Holiday Standards Report. In that report, Frank will explain what we as Consumers think about travel and the holiday product and perhaps why we experience those holiday complaints! Frank is also talking about how to make a successful holiday complaint. As the main 2016 Summer Holiday Season gets underway, UK holidaymakers will on the main have... READ MORE 12 July 2016

The EU Referendum and Your Travel Consumer Rights!

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Today, Frank has picked up the 'hot potatoe' of the EU Referendum! We have carried out a survey on what the effect of a 'brexit' could be on Travel Consumers Rights. When we pointed out to those who intended to vote leave that they may potentially lose those rights, 23% said that they would now vote to stay but 34% said that they would still vote 'leave' but that they were concerned about the... READ MORE 17 June 2016

Ski Holidays & Travel Insurance!

Today, Frank is talking about Ski Holidays and the need to make sure you have adequate Travel Insurance and hold the all important European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)! The HolidayTravelWatch survey demonstrates that: 36% told us that they had experienced a bad holiday or had been injured; Over one third told us that they thought that ski or snowboarding holidays were over-priced; Over a... READ MORE 1 December 2015

Airport Rage & October's Half Term Holiday; Tips for Stress Free Travel!

Did you know that 15% of parent's we spoke to admitted to suffering with 'Airport Rage'?  73% of parent's in our Holiday Standards Report told us that their holiday starts at the airport, so we wondered why do 2.7 million people start their holiday stressed out? One reason may be that 59% of parents told us that their greatest pet peeve at the airport came from those people who were not ready... READ MORE 23 October 2015

An end to avoidable holiday problems?

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20 years ago, this organisation was created from our Founder's bad holiday experience. Through the following years, she sought to highlight and argue for a change to the holiday product and bring about an end to avoidable experiences. Through these 2 decades, HolidayTravelWatch has assisted many thousands of ordinary Consumers like you, but we have never lost sight of how your experience sho... READ MORE 30 July 2015

School Holiday Costs; are they fair?

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Frank deals with the results of the HTW Survey of what parents thinks about school holiday costs. The survey was carried out to understand whether attitudes had hardened or softened after the 100,000+ petition in 2014 forced a parliamentary debate on how politicians could deal with the hike in school holiday prices. Our survey found that: 75% felt that these price hikes were unfair; 90%... READ MORE 26 May 2015

The Thomas Cook Affair - Carbon Monoxide Implications!

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On Wednesday 13 May 2015, the Jury in the Wakefield Coroners Court, returned a verdict on their inquiry into the deaths of Christianne & Robert Shepherd from Carbon Monoxide poisoning in Corfu in 2006. They held that the children had been 'unlawfully killed', they made a number of observations about the standard of the holiday accommodation and held that Thomas Cook had breached their Du... READ MORE 18 May 2015

Is the sea clean?

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Frank gave a Radio interview on 15 May 2015 with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire's 'Big Conversation'. The conversation was centred around the the new EU Directive and UK Regulations dealing with bathing water quality. Frank offered his view that the Regulations were no bad thing; there was already measures in place on mainland Europe to advise bathers whether the bathing water was safe from E... READ MORE 18 May 2015

The Thomas Cook Affair 2 - Compensation?

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The news that Thomas Cook had allegedly received £3.5m after the Corfu Carbon Monoxide case in Corfu released an angry backlash from media, the family affected by the deaths of Christianne & Robert Shepherd and Consumers. Frank was interviewed by BBC Radio Leeds for his reaction to the news.   Frank told listeners that he was aware that an award had been made 2 years previously but... READ MORE 18 May 2015

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