Where are you going on Holiday?

Part of the enjoyment of travel is learning facts on your destination. Not only will it enhance your travel experience, but can in emergencies, help to create a familiarity of the area in which you are staying. We suggest the following in the Holiday TravelWatch ‘Where are you going’ Checklist:

  1. Get a good guide book and look at the FCO country fact sheets;
  2. Follow our guide on 'Know Before You Go!'
  3. Make sure you know about local laws especially relating to alcohol and drugs;
  4. Make sure you know about local culture especially relating to dress codes;
  5. Take a phrase book that you can use in emergencies; make a note of the addresses and telephone numbers of the local police, doctors and hospitals;
  6. Discover the facts relating to sustainable tourism in the area you intend to visit - the United Nations site will guide you on these issues.

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