Are You Feeling Secure? Comment on Airport Security

A holidaymaker has just told me of their concern on Airport Security and asked the question, what's the point?  Well, I began to rehearse the usual mantra of how the threat of terrorism is ever present, and how we must always be vigilant.

They told me of a minor incident, but one which has nonetheless raised serious concerns and questions.  They have just returned from Spain (Alicante Airport) and flew into Luton Airport.  When they got home, they tried to open one of their suitcases, and after some difficulty, opened the locks on their bag.  When they started to take things out, they discovered that 6 packets of cigarettes were missing.  On closer examination of the locks, they could see that they had been tampered with.

What they asked is the point of going through all this security if, once the bags are airside, someone is free to open bags at will? They have a point! Not very re-assuring is it?

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