Are Holiday Kids Clubs Safe?

This article from our Travel-Zine, follows from a disturbing call received from an ex-resort representative.  His story highlights the potential dangers that exist, if tour companies do not ensure that children's representatives are properly qualified, or do not have the requisite Criminal Record Bureau checks.  We pose the question as to whether or not kids clubs are safe, and provide guidance to holidaymakers.  This article is a timely reminder to parents and holidaymakers following the Madeleine McCann tragedy, to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious to the tour company and the police! 

Here is the link to our article:

Are Kids Clubs Safe?

There is now an EU-wide telephone number - 116 000 - for missing children.  That number is also linked to Missing Children EuropeECPAT UK provides valuable work with the police and travel industry on child protection and exploitation of children in tourism issues.  ABTA in partnership with ECPAT UK has created a series of online training dealing with child protection issues.

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