Overbearing Airport Security?

We have heard from holidaymakers who have ‘complained’ about what they see as an over-bearing airport security, either here in the UK or at the airports of their destinations.  Since 2001, we have all been subject to the increased airport security, in an effort to deal with the advised threat against travel, holidays and holidaymakers.  For many holidaymakers, the prospect of navigating airport security can raise fears, tension, frustration, complaints and sometimes an over-reaction from airport security or border staff.  The simple rule for any holidaymaker is to:

  1. Read & Digest the latest security requirements – always check the requirements just before you travel;
  2. If you need medicines for the journey, make sure you get a letter from your GP, listing what you need and why you need them;
  3. Given that you cannot carry any liquid greater than 100 millimetres, check that your perfume, your deodorant, your lotions, your drink are all under this level;
  4. If you do not check the levels, don’t be surprised if they are taken from you – it’s the law!
  5. If you need perfume, lotions and so on for your journey, why not buy the mini-sized products when you get into the departure lounge and pack your full products in your suitcase?
  6. Follow the signs in the airport security area – remove what they ask – the rules do not change very often, so regular holidaymakers should know the score – remember, the staff have a job to do and it’s for your safety!

Having pointed out several tips for holidaymakers, it is also important to point out that the Authorities need to practice consistency when applying the security rules or that Border staff provide a polite dignified welcome to holidaymakers to this country.  We have written several articles about security and border controls and you can read further in our airlines section – if you have been affected by any of these issues, we would like to hear from you so that we can highlight any failures by those Authorities!

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