Plan to have a great time

This section is packed with articles on what to consider when you are planning your trip.  Here we discuss issues ranging from airport security to child safety, holiday brochures to hurricanes. Together they will help you choose your perfect holiday destination. Don’t leave it to chance – read, plan and research first.

Guide to the Travel Industry

It is essential that when you are making your travel arrangements that you book with an agent, operator or arranger who carries membership of one of the following organisations. By placing your booking with such a member, you are ‘buying’ extra consumer protection through ‘protection’ arrangements designed to give the Consumer confidence in that brand. These Travel Trade Bodies are there to pr... READ MORE 8 September 2015

Planning your Holiday - Tips on how to choose the holiday that is right for you!

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Planning your holiday can be an exciting time; the promise of a far off beach and lazy days, away from the stresses of the world is hard to resist. However, some holidaymakers fail to plan their holiday and sometimes suffer disappointment with their chosen destination. Where such disappointment exists, it cannot always be said to be the fault of the tour operator of it can be shown that your 'choice' was not made with care! When you buy a car, or choose an electrical appliance, most people will research that product before making a final choice. The problem with holiday choices is that the temptation to 'click and go' and the ease at which you can make your choice, often with little description has all the potential to deliver disappointment. READ MORE 15 May 2015

Extreme Weather

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Between July and December of each year, we hear from holidaymakers affected by extreme weather events such as hurricanes or other natural phenomena. The complaints that arise from their holiday usually amount to being sent into what has become a disaster area or that they were not evacuated from danger. READ MORE 30 November 2012

Your Holiday Brochure - How to choose your holiday!

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It is often the case that Consumers fail to recognise the importance of the holiday brochure, particularly when complaints arise. In simple terms, the brochure is the promise of good times, but it is also the promise that you will get the product you choose and pay for and it forms part of your contract. READ MORE 30 November 2012

Overbearing Airport Security?

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We have heard from holidaymakers who have ‘complained’ about what they see as an over-bearing airport security, either here in the UK or at the airports of their destinations. Since 2001, we have all been subject to the increased airport security, in an effort to deal with the advised threat against travel, holidays and holidaymakers. For many holidaymakers, the prospect of navigating airport security can raise fears, tension, frustration, complaints and sometimes an over-reaction from airport security or border staff. READ MORE 29 November 2012

Free Speech for Holidaymakers! When do we want it? Now!

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I was struck by the latest response by Trip Advisor, to the pressure that is being brought to bear on 'false' or inaccurate reviewing! This appears to have snow-balled from a Channel Four documentary - The Attack of the Trip Advisor! I have to say that words almost failed me after having seen this program; I am not sure what the program hoped to achieve by choosing to examine a very small part of the holiday reviews world. I feel that it is important to distinguish between the kind of complaints we hear of and those presented through this program. READ MORE 9 November 2011

Beware of Cheap Holidays = Recipes for Holiday Complaints!

I was attracted to a headline in the Daily Express this past week, which proclaimed, “Cheer Up, Holiday Packages Slashed”. The articles advises that ‘cash starved’ Britons could be facing the prospect of finding holidays abroad with anything up to 60% taken off the original holiday price! The author of the piece suggests that many holidaymakers are waiting until the last minute, when they could potentially enjoy discounts of between 10 & 30% off the brochure price! READ MORE 14 July 2011

A Question of Trust or a Threat to Travel Review Websites?

The monolith that is Trip Advisor is apparently subject to the threat of legal action! This threat has apparently come from an internet marketing and reputational protection company called Kwikchex. They are claiming that amongst many holiday review websites, Trip advisor allows the posting of ‘unverified’ travel reviews. They also claim that that ‘entirely false’ comments are made on ‘food poisoning; accusations of criminal acts; including theft, assault and racism; Misleading and malicious descriptions of the property’ are amongst those found on Trip Advisor. They also provide other related complaints against Trip Advisor. It appears that they are forming a group action of affected hotel properties READ MORE 7 September 2010

The 12 Golden Rules of Travel

When HolidayTravelWatch was first formed, it was quickly realised that holidaymakers needed a checklist to guide them when they encountered problems. Over the years HolidayTravelWatch has gained invaluable experience which it has endeavoured to share with as many holidaymakers as possible. READ MORE 31 May 2010