Travel Insurance

Make sure you are covered

Travel Insurance is probably the most important element of any holiday. Yet, there are still holidaymakers who travel abroad without the necessary cover to help pay medical bills, claim for lost property, or to simply get back to the UK. Don’t take the chance of being saddled with enormous debts should anything happen. The simple rule is take out your travel insurance either just before or at the time you book your holiday. This section describes how travel insurance can help in different holiday situations. 

Travel Insurance & The 'Risk Destination'

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We refer to the recent events and disturbances in Kenya, during which holidaymakers discovered that they were either not covered by their Travel Insurance or it was withdrawn before they travelled. We study, through the case examples of British Holidaymakers, how tour operators dealt with this issue, and raise an action plan on how to try and overcome the contractual difficulties posed by the lack of travel insurance to a risk destination. READ MORE 19 May 2008

Travel Insurance - Protect yourself while planning your trip

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Unfortunately things can go wrong while travelling or on holiday. You could fall ill or have an accident; you could have your money stolen; your visit might be cut short or cancelled through injury or illness; your family might need to fly out to assist if there is a serious incident. It is highly recommended that travel insurance cover is purchased before you go – never travel without insurance. READ MORE 9 January 2008